The AA-Awesome Story
In the summer of 2008, five homesick buitenlanders came to the realization that Leiden was in need of a serious rock injection; soon thereafter, AA-Awesome was born. With their irresistable mix of catchy punk and rock sounds combined with amusing, moderately offensive lyrics, AA-Awesome is certain to insult your intelligence and leave you wanting more!

Rik: vocals, guitar
Craig: bass
Hendrik: lead guitar
Rob: drums
Malin: synth

25/7/09 - All songs recorded and posted on the Music page!
10/7/09 - A few videos from the SUB071 farewell show now posted on Youtube

Fun Facts!
- AA-Awesome practices at the Muziekhuis Leiden.
- Leiden was first settled around 860AD.
- The world's largest rutabaga weighed 77.8 pounds.
- In Dutch, we are known as OO-Ontzagwekkend.
- Most bear charges are actually bluffs.

craig malin rik rob hendrik

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